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Complete File Renamer 4.0

Rename large numbers of files in batches using different sets of parameters
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Complete File Renamer is a practical application that allows you to rename large numbers of files in batches, using different sets of parameters. For example, you can change the spaces in current file names to other special characters, change their case, or format the numbers in their file names. It is especially useful to rename MP3 files, as it also supports renaming by ID3 tags.

The program's user interface is not very user-friendly and it may be hard to understand if you are new to it. According to the developers, the only supported platform for this program is Windows 7, though I installed and tested it on Windows XP and everything seemed to work just fine. To rename your files, you have to add them to the "Files" panel first, either by using the "Select Files" button or by dragging them from Windows Explorer. Then, you can start selecting as many renaming criteria as required.

As mentioned above, you can rename your files according to their spaces, case, and extension. You can delete, replace or insert text in the current file name, use the ID3 tag information (for MP3 files only), and format the file numbering. The program will show you a preview of the modified file names as you add and configure new renaming criteria, so that you know if the results you are going to get are the right ones. Once you are satisfied, you can get your files renamed automatically by simply pressing the "Rename" button. You can rename all the files on your list, or just the ones selected.

To sum up, Complete File Renamer is a handy utility capable of renaming large numbers of files simultaneously. You can set your own renaming criteria, helping you to keep your entire MP3 collection organized. Its batch renaming process is not only efficient – it is also fast.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to rename many files in batches
  • You can add several renaming criteria for the same group of files
  • Capable of renaming MP3 files based on their ID3 tag information
  • You can see a preview of the new file names before actually changing them
  • Allows you to rename all the files on your list or just some of them


  • Its user interface is not very user-friendly and it may be hard to understand at first
  • Requires .NET Framework 3.5 installed on your system to work
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